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Champion Youth Technique Requirements for Advancement in Rank

TECHNIQUES                                      Champion Youth Minimum Requirements for Advancement in Rank

White Belt



1) Attention

2) Ready

3) Horse Stance

4) Self-Defense



5) High

6) Low



7) Middle Punch

8) Jab

9) Reverse Punch



10) Front Snap (Back Leg)

11) Round House

    (Front Leg)

12) Side (Front Leg)



Pre-Yellow Belt

13) Round House Kick Back Leg


14) Inside Block


15) Outside Block


16) Low Rear Hammer

Fist (To Groin)


17) Walking Front Snap Kick


18) Side Kick to Lt. & Rt. (From Ready Stance)




Escape Techniques

(Serve Pizza)


Yellow Belt

1st Degree


(all pre-yellow techs and the following)


19) Footwork- Side Step/ Step and Slide


20) Skip Round House Kick


21) Skip Side Kick



2nd Degree

22) Star Block  (low, in, out, high)


23) Backfist


24) Side Kick Back Leg


25) Sitting Side Kick

(Left and Right)


26) Front Snap Kick

Front Leg


3rd Degree

27) Double Forearm Block


28) Palm Heel Strike

(Front & Back Hand)


29) Rear Elbow Strike

(Middle & High)


30) Walking Round House Kick


31) Walking Side Kick


32) Stomp Kick


33) Back Kick


Escape Techniques



Orange Belt

1st Degree

34) Front Forward Stance/ C-Stepping



35) Short Kata/Pivot Kata


36) Skip Front Snap Kick


37) High Downward Hammerfist

(Front & Back Hand)


38) Skip Front Snap Kick In Place


2nd Degree

39) Double Outside Block


40) Jump Front Snap Kick (FL)


41) Hook Kick Front Leg


42) Palm Block



3rd Degree

43) Jumping Front Snap Kick in Place(FL)


44) L-Stance


45) Hook Kick

Back Leg


46) Guarding Block


47) Push Kick


4th Degree

48) Sitting Front Snap Kick


49) Cat Stance


50) Knife Hand Block


51) Forearm Strike


52) Skip Hook Kick


Purple Belt

1st Degree

53) Knee Strike

 (Front and Back Leg)


54) X-Block (High & Low)


55) Footwork- Cross Stepping


56) Skip Side Kick with Cross Step


57) Spinning Back Kick

2nd Degree

58) Elbow Strike (Right and Left Arm)


59) Double Palm Block


60) Knife Hand Strike

(Front and Back Hand)


61) Outside Crescent Kick (Back Leg)


3rd Degree

62) Skip Hook Kick with Cross Step


63) Reverse Knife Hand Strike

(Front and Back Hand)


64) Double Palm Strike (Ribs)


65) Kneeling Side Kick


4th Degree

66) Inside Crescent Kick (Back Leg)


67) Double Palm Strike (Ears) (Ribs)


68) Ridge Hand Strike

(Front and Back Hand)


Escape Techniques

Green Belt

1st Degree

69) Circular Block

70) Hook Punch (Midsection)


71) Jumping Round House Kick


72) Axe Kick (Back Leg)


73) Crescent Kick

(Front Leg)


74) Backward Break Fall (Sitting)


2nd Degree

75) Scoop Block


76) Upper Cut Punch


77) Upward Elbow Strike


78) Skip Crescent Kick

(Front Leg)


79) Backward Break Fall (Squatting)


3rd & 4th Degree

80) Triangle Stepping


81) Double Upper Cut (Ribs)


82) Double Backfist (Face)


83) Punch Defenses

(Straight punch and hook punch defense)


84) Backward Break Fall (Standing)


Escape Techniques



Blue Belt

1st Degree

85) Vertical Punch


86) Spinning Backfist


87) Spinning Crescent Kick (Back Leg)


88) Jumping Side Kick

(Front Leg)


89) Horizontal Knee Strike

(Midsection / Thigh)


90) Front Break Fall



2nd Degree

91) Side Punch


92) Axe Kick (Front Leg)


93) Spinning Hook Kick


94) Front Break Fall



95) Front Break Fall



3rd & 4th Degree

96) C-Punch


97) Upward Ridge Hand Strike (Groin)


98) Jumping Crescent Kick


99) Side Break Fall



100) Side Break Fall



Escape Techniques



Red Belt

1st - 4th Degree

101) One Knuckle Punch


102) Lunge Punch


103) Hook Punch (Face)


104) Downward Elbow Strike


105) Downward Knife Hand



106) Tornado Kick


107) Shin Kick (Thigh)


Advanced Sparring Techniques


FORM (26-30 steps)


Escape Techniques



Brown Belt

1st - 4th Degree


Student should be able to execute all techniques with advanced level form, speed, power, accuracy and control.


FORM (32-40 steps)


Advanced Escape Techniques


Advanced Break Falls